Pal Shah

Ms. Shah is a 2017 graduate of the UCSF masters program in Global

Health Sciences. Her master’s capstone project was titled “Sugar

Quoted: An Analysis Of Industry Framing to Oppose the Tax on Sugar-

Sweetened Beverages in South Africa”. As an undergraduate, she

majored in Physiological Sciences at UCLA, graduating in 2016. She is

currently a Research Analyst with the UCSF Division of HIV, Infection

Disease and Global Medicine, working on food insecurity, climate

change and HIV research. In the past, she has worked on national

nutritional policies at the Center for Science in the Public Interest and

has served as a course facilitator for the UCSF global health masters

program and UCSF-UCB joint online MPH program, assisting in the

global health foundations, policy, epidemiology, ethics and economics

courses. Her interests are in nutrition epidemiology and policy, global

health ethics and education.