2008-2012 Fellowships

2012 Fellows

Katie Sausen – Household Risk Factors for Malaria among Children in a Malaria-endemic region in Uganda

Daniel Peixoto Irby – Evaluating Human Milk Banking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shane Mcinally – Temporal Changes in the Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistant Uropathogenic Gram-Negative Bacteria in South India

Fraser Gaspar – Insecticide Exposure from Indoor Residual Spraying in South Africa

Ariella Goldblatt – HIV Seroprevalence in Street Youth in Kisumu, Kenya

Erin Milner -- Impacts of Lake Victoria’s Fisheries on Food Security and Nutrition

Courtney Henderson -- Exploring Women’s Perceptions, Enabling Factors, and Barriers to Access & Use of Non-Permanent Contraceptive Methods in Uttar Pradesh, India

Anna Zimmerman – Moving Beyond Coal: Household Fuel Transition and Air Pollution in Beijing, China

2011 Fellows

Mai Fung – A Highly Sensitive Diagnostic Method for More Accurate Schistosomiasis Screening in China

Sarah Jane Holcombe – Provider Attitudes to Induced Abortion in Addis Abba, Ethiopia

Gordon Shen – Mental Health Financing in Serbia Aidan Tait – Decision-making in Breast Milk Donation among Low-Income Women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amelia Wallace - The Incidence and Genetic Elements Associated with Antimicrobial Resistance of Escerichia coli Isolates from Community-Acquired Urinary Tract Infections in South India

Jennifer Wang – Food Insecurity and Slum Health: Pathway for Climate Change Impacts, The case of the Mathare informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya

Ann Weber - Madagascar

Justin White – Using Group Commitment for Smoking Cessation in Thailand: A Qualitative Analysis

2010 Fellows

Melisa Kortan – Emerging Resistance of Malaria Parasites to Lopinivir/ritonavir in HIV-infected Ugandans

Ayse Ercuman – Health Impacts of a Transition from Intermittent Water Supply in India

Devina Kuo – Developing a Fieldworker Capacity Building in Guatemala

Lisa Wong – Development of a Simple Prognostic Test for Rheumatic Heart Disease in Brazil

Mari Nanamori – Analysis and Control of Drug Resistant Nosocomial Infections in Japan

Ann Weber – Quality Assessment of Educacion Inicial in Rural Mexico

Hope Biswas – Measuring the Socioeconomic Status of Children in Managua, Nicaragua

Georgia Green – The Impact of Electronic Waste Disposal in Abidja, Cote d’Ivoire: Assessing Exposure and Evaluating Health Effects

2009 Fellows

2009 Fellows

Mary Hardy – Selection of Drug Resistance in Malaria Parasites in Uganda

Yasuyo Diana Umene – Epidemiology of Community-Acquired Extraintestinal Pathogenic E. Coli in Japan

Heather Zorneter – Impact Evaluation of Information and Communication Technologies for Health: eHealth Tools for Disease Prevention and Control in Managua, Nicaragua

Naya Vanwoerkom – Perceptions, Practices and Content of the Traditional Diet in Oaxaca, Mexico

Laura Packel – Qualitative Analysis of Trial on Economic Based HIV Protection Intervention (“RESPECT”) in Tanzania

Aaron Bochner – The Epidemiology of Herpes Simplex Virus Type-2 Infections Among Pregnant Women in Rural Mysore, India

Meghan Althoff – Diagnostic Testing of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in an Endemic Setting in Brazil

Mayuri Panditrao – Identifying the Risk Factors for Bacterial Vaginosis in Women Residing in Urban Slums in Mysore, India

2008 Fellows

Sara Stern-Nezer – Zambia

Nishat Shiek - Guatemala

Janice Meerman - Sri Lanka

Kevin Yuen - China

Terrence Lo - India

Dave Dauphine - Chile

Brooke Finkmoore – Brazil